REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement).

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Strickler Hall |


Many Speed School classes have Supplemental Instruction sessions. These sessions are sponsored by REACH and are taught by students who have exceled in the class. Students should check their syllabus or ask their professors about SI sessions.


Math Resource Center.

Strickler Hall Room 226 East |


Free Tutoring and Homework Help is available to Speed School students in the Math Resource Center in Strickler Hall for the Calculus courses.

Engineering Student Services Center.

JB Speed Building Lower Level |


ESSC is the academic resource center for all Speed School students. The advising staff is a team of professional academic counselors who provide assistance in planning programs of study, coordinate registration of courses, and provide guidance and referral services. While your academic advisor will make every effort to guide you throughout your education, students are ultimately responsible for developing a familiarity of and adherence to University, college, and departmental policies and procedures.