Introduction to Engineering.

Engineering Fundamentals |


First year students at Speed School must take Introduction to Engineering. This new two semester course will offer an adjustment into Speed School life and the requirements of engineering. You will receive hands on expierence in the Engineering Garage and it will offer the opportunity to learn vital skills in drafting and CAD design software. Other topics covered in this course include how to properly use the tablet PC and software available to all Speed School students. 


Calculus & Differential Equations

Engineering Fundamentals |


Students at Speed School must take four Engineering Analysis courses, generally referred to as Calculus I, II, III, & Differential Equations. Attendance is not only expected, but is required. A lot of time and dedication is required to achieve high grades in these courses.


Many classes require labs that accompany the course. Labs generally meet once a week and require a lab report. Safety goggles and closed-toe shoes may be required on lab days.


Arts & Sciences Physics |


Physics is an applied form of Calculus. Students are expected to utilize mathematical skills to solve real life problems. It is important to understand the general concepts of Physics as most of them will be present in other classes at Speed School.


Arts & Sciences Chemistry |


Chemistry is a course all Speed School students must take. Chemistry is a subject that will come naturally to some or will require extra time outside of class to understand the concepts. Students should devote time to study each week which helps them to remember the theories better.

Cooperative Education.

Office in the Duthie Center |


Speed School students must complete three cooperative education assignments before graduation. These are semester long assignments in which students work full time for engineering firms throughout the world. Students gain valuable insight and real world experience during these paid internships. This unique requirement provides Speed School students with a competitive edge after graduation.