On behalf of the nearly 3000 students, faculty and staff here at Speed School, I am so happy to welcome you to our engineering family.   We are anxious to meet you and help you through this important transition to college life. Toward this end, the Speed School Student Council has produced The Speed Book as a resource to make it easier for you to quickly become fully integrated within our campus and academic programs.  The information and advice in The Speed Book is based completely on student experiences, in way that provides truly valuable perspective as you explore our school and University.
We know that your primary purpose for enrolling here at Speed School is to be educated as an engineer, and we are all are committed to making sure you accomplish that goal. While much of your learning will occur in the traditional environment of a classroom, laboratory or seminar hall, I cannot overemphasize how important it is that you also take advantage of activities that the University offers for learning outside the classroom. Explore the many opportunities for innovating and inventing,  developing leadership skills, improving your ability to communicate your ideas, expanding your network, discovering new interests and hobbies, meeting students from around the world, and for just having fun.   The Speed Book is a concise guide to help you find the activities that will interest you most, and then showing you how simple it really is to get fully immersed in the J.B. Speed School of Engineering experience. 
There is tremendous excitement at Speed School right now.  We are experiencing tremendous growth which is in turn driving us to design better ways of delivering engineering education.  We are making plans for extensive classroom and building renovations, new facilities for research, and the development of a 40-acre innovation park behind Speed School that will host major companies, research facilities, start-ups, maker spaces for students, and more.  We are building a complete engineering eco-system that will produce the best engineers and the best ideas in the world.  Most important, we are all thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of it.
And finally, I want to emphasize a simple phrase that you need to remember.  Keep Going.  Getting a degree in engineering is hard work, but that is why it is so valuable.  You can do this, or you wouldn’t be here.  There will be challenges ahead, but just know that we are all here to help you succeed.  So work hard, stay with it and earn that degree, and no matter what, Keep Going! 
I truly wish you the very best as you start this exciting phase of your life.
John S. Usher, PhD
Acting Dean,
J.B. Speed School of Engineering