Life At Speed.

Engineers are, without question, a selected breed of qualified, intelligent individuals who are responsible for the innovations that make our lives more comfortable. In short, engineers are the designers of the future. A person who has chosen to pursue this profession has chosen to serve the public; to assist in the development of products and to provide services for firms who need the input of a well-studied professional. For a highly trained engineer, job security is not as great a concern as most other disciplines; the demand is great and will continue to grow each day. The goals of an engineer are varied depending on focus, but all engineers share a common goal: to increase the standard of living for the people they serve. Speed School is the first step toward reaching this goal.


Because engineers are an elite class of the working society, it can be expected that not every person may be qualified to be an engineer. To insure that students are prepared for a career in engineering, the J.B. Speed School of Engineering has designed a rigorous format for each department that will test critical and analytical skills to the fullest. It should be noted, that not everyone makes it through the first year at Speed, and the courses students take are demanding. Students will be frustrated at times, but, they are not to be discouraged. Students who work hard have continued success in life.


Students who remain dedicated, study hard, and continue to be open-minded will find Speed School enjoyable and rewarding. Nobody said engineering was easy. Hard work and masterful skills are the key to success at Speed School.



A Diverse Student Body.

Here at Speed School diversity matters. Diversity is important and understanding that diversity includes academic background, academic standing, age, disability, engineering discipline, ethnicity, familiar position, fraternity or sorority membership, gender, gender identity, military status, nation of origin, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status is paramount.


Both the University of Louisville and the J.B. Speed School of Engineering have groups that celebrate and encourage diversity. 


Core Classes.

Regardless of what engineering discipline students select, each Speed School student is subject to the tediousness of the core engineering classes. It is wise for students to do their best in these classes, as they will be the foundation upon what future classes are based.

Academic Resources.

Speed School is deeply invested in students education. For students, the most important thing to remember is, if you do poorly on a quiz or exam is not to panic. If the score is less than desirable, there are many things that can be done. First, most professors will curve or allow grades to be replaced. Do not depend on this generosity, but it does happen. Keep track of all your scores. Tests and homework should be placed in a folder for each class which allows you to quickly access your old work. In the front of this notebook, record your score and the class average. This allows you to track your success against others in the class. Some professors have a special method that they use to calculate your grade, make a note of this method. Secondly, many professors make tests that build on previous material. If you did poorly on a section on the previous test, go back to the old test and homework and rework the problems. Your professors will be glad to help with problems during their office hours.



Technology & Printing.

Students at Speed are required to have a tablet PC. These computers are used in all the core classes and most departmental classes. Speed School is committed to using technology as engineers would in their profession.

Tips for Success in Speed School.

Here are nine tips from current Speed School students on how to be successful in Speed School.


Speed Summer Semester.

With mandatory summer semesters, Speed School students are often the only ones on campus during the summer. Speed School summers are ten weeks with most classes meeting everyday.