James B. Speed Building ("JB")

-Office of the Dean

-Engineering Student Services Center

-Engineering Fundamentals Department

-Engineering Management Department

-Industrial Engineering Department

-Speed School Student Council

-Various Speed Societies

-J.B. Speed Auditorium & Various Classrooms

Located in the heart of Louisville, the J.B. Speed School of Engineering makes up the southern end of the main Belknap Campus of the University of Louisville.


Speed School is located at the corner of Third Street and Eastern Parkway.


The portion of building names in quotation marks denote what students generally refer to them as.

Fredric M. "Sackett" Hall

-Mechanical Engineering Department

-Various Speed Societies

-Various Classrooms

Henry "Vogt" Building

-Rapid Prototyping Center

-Speed School Business Center

-Various Meeting Rooms

"Duthie" Center for Engineering

formerly the Laura Kersey Library 

-Cooperative Education & Career Center

-Computer Engineering & Computer Science Department

-Sandella's Flatbread Cafe (NOW OPEN!)

-Hagerty Student Commons

-Various Classrooms

William S. Speed Hall ("WS")

-Civil & Environmental Engineering Department

-Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

-The Stream Institute

-Various Speed Societies

-Various Classrooms

Robert C. "Ernst" Hall

-Chemical Engineering Department

-The Conn Center for Renewable Energy

-Various Speed Societies

-Various Classrooms

Paul B. "Lutz" Hall

-Bioengineering Department

-Various Speed Societies

-Various Classrooms

John W. "Shumaker" Research Building

-Research Facilities

-Various Labs

Belknap Engineering & Applied Sciences Park

-Research Facilities


-Exciting Partnerships


This innovative new park, located on the 40-acre property on south of Speed School, will house the Institute for Product Realization and Innovation (IPR).  IPR will link UofL researchers with private businesses to develop new products, test them in the marketplace, and accelerate production processes for commercialization. The IPR will begin construction on its first 224,000 square foot building that will provide research and commercialization facilities with a focus on advanced manufacturing.



Other facilities utilized by Speed School:

-Natural Sciences Building (UofL Arts & Sciences): Physics Classes & Labs

-Chemistry Building (UofL Arts & Sciences): Chemistry Classes & Labs

-Miller IT Center (UofL Information Technology): Student Common Area & McAlister's Deli

-Center Hall (UofL Housing): Engineering Living Learning Community (not shown on map)